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  • Net Front Battle

    Brynn Haines (yellow jersey) battles with Eric Kaiser (blue jersey) in front of the net. Josh Fields (blue jersey) gets a shot off on Mike Clardy (goalie)
  • Mike Clardy posing for a picture

    Mike Clardy in his goalie gear, in front of a blind hockey net. Mikes pads match the Blues colors very nicely
  • Learn to Play

    Andrew Adolphson (player) works with George Donahue and Chloe Vann (volunteers) on shooting the puck at Mike Clardy (goalie)
  • Getting Set

    Defenseman Kyle Borah finishes up a conversation with goalie Mike Clardy while the opposition gets an early start on the drill.
  • Centering Pass

    Eric Kaiser has his head up and looks to make an centering pass from the corner.
  • Seyoon & Sean Headed Out

    Seyoon Choi and Sean Borah headed out of the locker room to the ice. In the picture are the backs of both players showing off their names and numbers CHOI 20 & BORAH 56
  • Blues Blind Hockey Jerseys

    On a table are the Blues Blind Hockey jerseys. The yellow is to the left, showing the front and the blue jersey, to the right, is showing the back. They belong to player Andrew Adolphson, Number 13.
  • Kaiser Reading Jersey

    Eric Kaiser is reading the braille name plate that has is name and number on is own jersey.
  • Players with Stanley Cup

    A group of Blues Blind Hockey Players standing around the Cup. I the picture from left to right are: Amber Attaway, Brynn Haines, Mike Clardy, Mason Fries, Kyle Borah, Andrew Adolphson, Danielle Adolphson, Sean Borah, Josh Fields, Eric Kaiser, Liam McCoy, Ana Chavez
  • Club photo with Stanley cup

    A group photo around the Stanley Cup. In the photo, from left to right, are: Chuck Munroe, Alex "Goose" Munroe, Andrew Kruszka, Liam McCoy, Brynn Haines, Amber Attaway, Carter Vann, Kyle Borah, Andrew Adolphson, Josh Fields, Jeff Vann, Sean Borah, Danielle Adolphson, Eric Kaiser, Mike Clardy, John Kruszka, David Fields, Chloe Vann, Pete Wolf, Natalie Wagner